FEBRUARY 24-25, 2021

DNN Summit 2021

Thanks for a Great Summit!

More than 200 DNN fans gathered safely and virtually over a 2-day span in February to learn the latest news, share tips and tricks, and otherwise get excited over their favorite Web Content Management System. People watched virtual training sessions and product demos, interacted in virtual expo booths, and even chatted 1 on 1 and in groups throughout the conference.
We generated over 40 hours of video for the attendees to go back and reference in case they missed something, and many have already taken advantage of that.
We’ll have more to say after we collect the exit surveys, and then share some sneak peeks of our next event, so stay tuned!


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What is DNN Summit?

Share and connect while learning about the latest design, development, marketing & administrative trends dominating the internet. DNN Summit features leading professionals from around the world. The only difference this year is that we'll be doing it all virtually.


Learn all about the web & the DNN Platform, from insider hints to leverarging DNN to get the most out of your business.


Help grow the web & the DNN Community by sharing your knowledge, expertise, and experience with others.


Connect with other community members, business leaders, and professionals to expand your network.

Our Keynote
The State of DNN

Leaders driving the development and direction of DNN Platform and the DNN Community will update us on the current state of DNN as well as the future direction.


Get To Know DNN Leadership


Without sponsors and businesses, DNN wouldn’t be what it is today. We need your continued and appreciated support to keep these conferences thriving.

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This year we’re virtual. If you always wanted to attend but couldn’t commit to the travel, this is your big chance to be a part of our community and meet many of the movers and shakers. You’ll be connecting with DNN fans from all over the world, on the Hopin.to platform.

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Starting at 9am Central, with an opening keynote session, day one will include 4 sessions throughout the day with 4 topics to choose from during each time slot for a total of 16 presentations. There will be plenty of time in-between to visit hopin.to’s expo and talk to DNN vendors. The day will conclude at 4pm central.


Jumping back in at 9 central there will be another 16 presentations spaced across 4 time slots, and a DNN leader panel discussion on the DNN ecosystem to wrap up the conference by 4:20pm central on day two.

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