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FEBRUARY 24, 2020

Hands-On Training

9AM - 5PM

Lunch Included


DNN Summit features a series of full-day, hands-on training courses. Courses are tailored to different types of users to include basic Content Editors, Designers, Developers, and Administrators. Our DNN Administrator course is targeted to those with little to no experience, while our other courses are designed for users with some basic skill levels and DNN experience.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Our course instructors will start with the basics and guide you through step-by-step to the end. Each class features a classroom style presentation as well as hands-on training interacting with real-world examples.

Course Times

Training begins at 9am and will conclude at 5pm. Lunch is included, and you'll have the opportunity to interact with your instructor and fellow classmates.


All Training Courses

9AM - 5PM



Whether you are a DNN/Evoq host or a site administrator, this is your opportunity to learn, refresh or advance your knowledge of DNN/Evoq site and portal administration and system management. Each attendee will be taken through the process of installing, upgrading and deploying a DotNetNuke installation following best practices. In this “DNN Administrators 101” course, you will learn best practices for portal and site configuration and administration, and you will have the chance for hands-on application of your new skills. The training course will highlight the new features available in DNN8 and how to optimize day-to-day tasks to include performance and labor intensive tasks .



Instructor [Ryan Moore]

Ryan and his wife, Jennifer, created The Moore Creative Company in 1997. Moore Creative works with a range of industries from national corporations such as Lowe's, Rubbermaid, Bombardier to small/local companies such as local NASCAR heavyweight Hendrick Motorsports. They use DNN as their application development platform to create customized solutions for client sites. Using tools such as XMod Pro, Hotcakes, and DNN APIs to produce complex integrations with external systems and business processes, they love what they do!

Be sure to ask him about snorkeling with sharks, an award-winning George Lucas figure, or that tarantula in Belize.

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As a designer or front end developer, you will want to learn all of the best techniques for building modern, mobile-first responsive Themes (a.k.a. Skins) for DNN and Evoq. This class will walk you through everything that you’ll need to know, from setting up your environment to building a custom theme based on the best tools and practices. An understanding of HTML and CSS is a requirement for those taking this class.


Knowledge and experience with HTML and CSS are required.

Instructor [Anthony Overkamp]

Anthony Overkamp is a St. Louis based multi-disciplinary designer, artist, and the Creative Director at Engage. Anthony has worked in the graphic and print industry since 1999 before moving to web design in 2002. Anthony has a passion for clean, adjustable design, focusing on web standards and user experience. When not at work, He enjoys spending time with friends and family, working on his log cabin, watching Star Wars, and painting.

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DNN module development can feel overwhelming if you’ve never done it before. This training session is going to help you not feel overwhelmed anymore. Together, we’ll be working on lecture- and lab-based learning exercises to help you walk away with the confidence you need to begin any DNN module development project. You’ll also walk away with a sample solution that includes all of the best practices and other techniques we worked on during the class. You’re going to be able to write a better and more stable module, in less time, with less code as a result.


Attendees need previous general .NET experience and a basic understanding of IIS, SQL, and Visual Studio

Instructor [Will Strohl]

Will Strohl is an author and technologist in the San Francisco area. During his career, Will has held positions ranging from Help Desk Technician to being the CEO & Co-Owner at Hotcakes Commerce ( He even spent a few years at DNN Corp where he ran the evangelism, training, and sales engineering departments. Today, Will is the founder and CEO of Upendo Ventures (, providing software development, training, and technical consulting to companies around the world.

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In the Intro DNN Module Development course, we learned the basics and best practices for creating modules for DNN. This advanced class both deepens and broadens our skills in DNN development by expanding on advanced concepts of module development in addition to learning how to develop other extension types such as scheduled tasks, PersonBar applications, authentication providers, url extension providers and more.

Using a hand-on approach, the instructor will act as your project manager and lead developer as we build on the restaurant menu requirements. By the end of the session, students will turn a simple module project into a robust, multi-faceted solution with a strategy to deploy it.


Attendees need to be versed in C# programming and some minimal SQL experience.

Instructor [Scott Wilkinson]

Scott is a DNN MVP and regular contributor to DNNHero’s training courses as well as a frequent speaker and trainer at DNN events. He is currently working as a Solution Architect for Bluebolt, a DNN Gold Partner in Chicago, IL.

In his spare time, Scott is an advocate for green technology and even performed a full, plug-in electric conversion on his old car.

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