Andrew Hoefling

Andrew Hoefling is the Owner and Architect of Hoefling Software, LLC providing software consulting services for Web, Cloud, Desktop and Mobile development. He is experienced in enterprise software using C# and .NET which makes using DNN an easy choice for CMS projects. Andrew has been using DNN since the beginning of 2017 and as a new member to the community he has left an impact with several Pull Requests for the MVC platform. He received his bachelors from Rochester Institute of Technology and he was featured in the December 2017 DNN Digest.

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Ash Prasad

Ash currently works as VP Product at DNN and rest of portfolio companies under ESW/Think3 umbrella. Ash has been associated with DNN ecosystem for almost a decade and had various Engineering roles at DNN Corp. Ash is a co-author of DNN 7 Professional Book and a two-year recipient of Microsoft MVP.

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  • Evoq Product Update

Bogdan Litescu

Accidentally, he made it. The typical geek with the ultimate goal to build and own successful software products turned DNN Sharp into the top module provider in DNN. For some reason he can't understand, people like him so they joined his crazy idea of a team, where everyone is encouraged to take ownership and deliver one's full potential. He keeps a journal that he hopes will be worth a lot of money once he's famous. His life philosophy includes: try everything twice, connect the dots and icecream.

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Breanna Craven

Breanna is the creative director for 10 Pound Gorilla, who was recently recognized by as 2018 Top Web Design Firm in US. Her focus is on creating smart, marketable and conceptual work for online visual communication through consistent exploration of layout, style, typography, and imagery. Breanna is dedicated to staying current with design systems, strategies and processes to help companies increase target-market visibility through eye-catching design.

  • Design Around UX Myths for Success

Brian Dukes

Brian Dukes has been working with Engage professionally since 2006, but has been writing code since around 1998. Brian is very passionate about writing code that is easily maintainable, and helping others to do the same. He has been a leader in the DNN Community, and can often be found speaking at conferences and helping others on Twitter(@BrianDukes), GitHub(bdukes), and Stack Overflow(bdukes). DNN recognized his community efforts by awarding him the DNN MVP starting in 2012. Outside of work, Brian enjoys spending time with his family, being involved within his church, as well as supporting social justice, fair trade, local, seasonable, real food, and international adoption.

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  • Advanced Git Techniques to Manage Open Source Contributions

Cassidi Peterson

DNN MVP Cassidi Peterson founded 10 Pound Gorilla in 2003. She has distinguished herself as a leader in digital marketing and web development, regularly speaking at international and national technology and non-profit conferences. She proudly leads a team of top-notch professionals delivering A+ products and services. Cassidi excels in digital marketing, strategy and Google Adwords. She thinks outside of the box and finds unique opportunities to save money and maximize return on investment.

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  • Put Life Into Your Website - Let Us Optimize Your User Experience (UX)

Chris Hammond

Chris Hammond is the V.P., Product Evangelism for Clubready, LLC in Ellisville, Missouri. He has spent 15+ years working with open source projects in the ASP.NET ecosystem, primarily DNN. Chris is a published author and has been a frequent presenter at conferences, user groups and companies around the world. Chris provides many ASP.NET and DotNetNuke tutorials through his blog at He is also an active DNN Community member, providing support in the DNN Forums.

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Clint Patterson

Clint Patterson is the DNN Ecosystem Manager, an avid open source enthusiast, user group leader, published DNN author, and DNN MVP. Clint makes sure the DNN MVP Program, DNN Partner Program, and DNN Store run well. Clint is a long time DNN fan and has been using DNN since the early versions.

  • Better Docs = Better DNN

David Poindexter

David Poindexter, a native of Charlotte, North Carolina, graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. He also has a Masters Certification in Project Management from George Washington University. For his first nine years in the corporate sector, David's eclectic career included telecommunications, project/proposal management, logistics, business analysis, document management and software development/architecture. Since 2007, David's primary focus has been pursuing his entrepreneurial aspirations in his role as President & CEO of nvisionative, Inc. nvisionative is a Creative Marketing and App Development agency located in Mooresville, North Carolina. David has been an active member of the DNN (formerly DotNetNuke) community since its inception. His early development of popular iBuySpy modules made a perfect segue into the iBuySpy Workshop and subsequent DotNetNuke world. David is a proud and active DNN MVP. His open source contributions are staples in nearly every DNNer's tool belt, and he serves as one of just a select few Git Approvers for the DNN open source project itself. David has played a key role in organizing DNN community meetups, events and conferences across the United States and Europe, including DNNCon, DNN Summit, DNN Connect, Southern Fried DNN and more. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for DNN Connect. He previously served on the Board of Directors for DNN Association, the organization responsible for DNN Summit. David is also the DNN Partners Ecosystem Advisory Group Lead. David is proud father of his one daughter. And to many people’s surprise in the DNN community, he is an avid and accomplished musician, singer, songwriter and producer. So don't hesitate to engage in a music related conversation. Music is his true passion!

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Don Gingold

Don Gingold, Principal at Sprocket Websites, Inc, a national Internet Marketing company, has been building websites for as long as there's been The Web. It's never about the technology, however, it's always about the message. Don was in marketing management for Rockwell in the Industrial sector and Seagate in the technology sector before starting his own companies, Gnu Ventures Company and Sprocket Websites, Inc over the past twenty years. Don lives in Naperville, Illinois with his wife and business partner Kate and is involved in the local community theatre and film society, where he's on the board of each. His comfort in front of an audience shows in his seminars. Tailored to each audience, Don's talks have been described as "overflowing with information" and "a delight to attend."

  • How to Tell Your Client's Story using Social Media in 2019

Ernie Lopez

Ernie is the Executive Director of Services Support at Deluxe, a family of brands - including - that helps businesses with services ranging from web design to hosting to related technology consulting. Ernie has 10+ years of experience working in customer support centers and currently oversees’s 24/7/365 support strategy. His customer exposure ranges from small to large businesses, coding shops, and contractors—helping them grow throughout their business cycle with technology-related solutions, boasting the ability to proactively provide customers with solutions before they realize they need them. Ernie has held leadership roles in multiple hosting companies, including Host Gator, Blue Host, GoDaddy, iPage, and Ace Data Centers. His expertise with hosting technologies includes VPS, dedicated hosting, colocation services, and shared hosting services.

  • (CANCELLED) Hosting Products and Identifying the right requirements

Jay Mathis

Jay Mathis is the CEO and founder of X3 Technology, a consultancy solely focused on providing DNN solutions. Jay has been involved with DNN for over fifteen years (since version 1.02). Jay is currently a DNN MVP serves on several advisory groups within the DNN ecosystem.

  • How do build a Persona Bar extension using Angular

Jeffrey J. Hardy

Jeff is a 25-year veteran of communications serving the technology fields. A trained economist and social scientist, he has worked at the super-large tech behemoths of yesterday and the small entrepreneurial shops of tomorrow across the technological landscape - from services and software to hosting and cloud. Today he is the chief strategist at his company - Art of the Message - directing projects for customers all over the world. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Communication Studies from Arizona State University and is in the middle of his thesis for a Master's of Economics at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. He is a communications and human behavior nerd from the start, schooled in semiotics, color theory, incentives, cultural communications, and iconography. When not creating amazing content, he spends time listening to Blues and Jazz Music - *Ray Charles was a genius* - and cooking great food. But it's the content that gets the job done.

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Joe Craig

Joseph N. Craig is the Chief Web Architect at the Patapsco Research Group, a small consulting practice that he founded in 2006. Joe has specialized in the application of DNN since that time, and is deeply experience in all things DNN, from site design and development, skinning, module development and, especially upgrading, debugging and fixing broken DNN sites. Joe hasn't encountered a DNN site that he couldn't fix or upgrade. Joe has also provided support in the forums at DNN Creative magazine, where he has posted over 11,000 messages, and is a regular participant in DNN Hero's monthly chat. He has been a DNN MVP since 2015, organized DNN Con in 2016, and has been a member of the DNN Summit organizing committee for 1017 and 2018.

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Johnny Gregory

I am the Client Partner at Fortuitas Proud Father of two awesome boys Husband to a beautiful wife Los Angeles Area Sports Fan Nerd Gamer Han shot first

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Joseph Hoffend

Joseph Hoffend is with ITX Corp. based in Rochester, NY. ITX is a software product innovation firm with over 200 employees in 7 countries with offices in Portland, Oregon, Rochester, NY and Cincinnati, OH. Joe has been working in technology for as long as he can remember. How long can he remember? Well, it all started with a Southpark fan site of all GIFs hosted on Geocities. An entrepreneur at heart, in high school Joe co-founded a startup,, a media site with the goal of providing the leading coverage of competitive video gaming. Over several years, the site reached over 700,000 unique visitors a month, averaged 10 million page views a month, and had over 1,000,000 registered users. Eventually the company was acquired, and Joe joined the team at ITX which specializes in delivering custom software products. Joe is passionate about delivering phenomenal user experiences. He uses personas, analytics, user research, and a continuous innovation mindset to iterate any and all solutions for each problem he is working hard to define and solve the best it can be solved. In Joe’s down time, he can be found watching reruns of “The Office”. Joe someday hopes his kids will be in the next graduating class for Scott’s Tots. Great Scott! ITX has built a passionate team of technologists and artists that inspires him every day with the magic that they produce for their clients. ITX is pioneering the way that software products are built and creating best practices for startups and fortune 100 companies alike. They are pushing the limits on what is possible with technology and bringing some of the most inspiring software to life.

  • Software Innovation: Gaining Trust, Earning Loyalty and Triggering Advocacy

Kelly Ford

Kelly has been working with DNN since version 1.0. Like any good (read: lazy) programmer, Kelly has always wanted to do things faster and more efficiently. That motivated him to create XMod and later XMod Pro for creating applications in DNN without programming and all the boilerplate code that entails. Fortunately, other people thought it was pretty cool and the resulting sales have kept him awash in Mountain Dew since 2004. In 2016, tiring of the constant clicking and page loads involved in managing his websites, Kelly created Prompt, a command line for DNN. Prompt was donated to the DNN Platform in 2017 and was officially integrated in 2018 as part of DNN 9.2. Kelly is project lead for the DNN Documentation project and a DNN MVP.

  • Better Docs = Better DNN

Lance Nelson

Lance Nelson, a former USN Radar Tech, has been working as a .NET programmer since 1.0 first came out. He has become a DNN advocate after using it for the past 4 years. Lance loves JavaScript and tries to find which hot, new framework will be the one to take over the world.

  • Give Your Site Multiple Layouts By Using Multiple Skins and Menus

Lee Hinman

Lee had the 1st Micro Computer Store in South Fl back in 1977 and sold PCs to IBM. Lee was in the USAF 4 years 1959-1963 Worked for GE Gainesville FL Wilmore Electronics Durham, NC Ft Lauderdale, FL Area; Modular Computer Systems, Motorola, ACR Electronics, Profit Key Founded Systems Resources Inc CEO Developed a configurator integrated with Visual Mfg ERP Founded e Market Places LLC Panama City Beach, FL CEO US Census part time work He is Inventor of Patent 7747467

  • Marketing reaching new business focused & DNN Extension CPQcart Development

Lee Wise

As a previous graphic design student from Sam Houston State University, Lee brings a creative element to his front-end work. He's built a broad portfolio, developing software solutions for a variety of industries including healthcare, government, e-commerce and more. Lee believes the best way to improve your craft is to challenge yourself; he does this in his daily work by finding more efficient ways to approach problems. Did we mention Lee is a part-time magician? No, really. This guy has more than coding tricks up his sleeve! What inspires you? The idea that every expert was once a novice and almost about anything in life can be learned. Name a hidden talent, or one unknown fact about you. I can solve a Rubik's Cube in under 3 minutes. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? A rockstar or magician, so check and check. What's your greatest fear? Mediocrity. Not in the material sense of wealth and success but by not living up to my fullest potential (as a husband, father, developer, etc). Do you know all the words to the national anthem? Um yeah, of course... Googles national anthem Wait, there are three more parts? And why is it missing the last line, "Play ball?"

  • You can do all that just with the theme?!
  • Work from Home or living at work.

Mandeep Singh

  • Panel Discussion: What's it Like to be a Vendor in the DNN Ecosystem?

Mark Harle

I help companies improve their performance through strategic use of web technologies. Focusing on online knowledge management and intranet design and implementation, I have helped many organizations improve their organizational performance and results. I have a BA in Psychology and MBA from Drake University.

  • Using DNN as the Platform for Your Digital Workplace Transformation

Mark Saunders

Mark has been working in IT since 1989 and has a very diverse background. He has spent his career thinking outside the box to find effective solutions to client needs in verticals of shop floor control, Scanning solution's, ERP/MRP, Web Integration and eCommerce. He loves what he does and is enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge.

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Matt Rutledge

Matt Rutledge is currently the CTO for Believe Kids. Matt has always had a passion for solving problems with technology and building software solutions. He has over 20 years of experience in software design, architecture, implementation, and product lifecycle. Matt has worked in many sectors of business including the telecommunications, aerospace, financial, and fundraising sectors.

  • Rapid DNN Extension Development, YO!

Mitchel Sellers

Mitchel Sellers is not only the Founder, CEO, and Director of Development for IowaComputerGurus (ICG), he is also one of its core technical contributors. He has personally managed hundreds of successful website and application projects, served as a technology professor at Des Moines Area Community College, and become a published author - writing or contributing to hundreds of articles and three industry-standard texts on programming for the Microsoft technology stack. This list of accomplishments is impressive - elevating him to seven-time Microsoft C# MVP, ASP Insider, Microsoft Certified Professional, and DNN MVP. Mitch has a deep understanding of software development with a focus on proper architecture standards, performance, stability, compliance, and cost-effectiveness. And he is a recognized authority on building applications and enterprise websites on industry-standard platforms - including ASP.NET, MVC/MVC Core, SQL, Windows, and public clouds (Azure, Amazon AWS). But perhaps what customers remember most is his dedication to great service and support and the ability to communicate effectively with project stakeholders from the datacenter to the executive boardroom and back again. When Mitch is not at the computer he is spending time with his wife and family and flying his airplane from his home base in Des Moines, Iowa.

  • Scale Up/Out or Geo-Replication with DNN

Nancy L Gaines

Nancy Gaines is CEO/Founder of Gain Advantages Inc. and has been advising small businesses and Fortune 100 companies how to increase revenues through proven systems for almost two decades. She is a best-selling author and international keynote speaker. Nancy has been named in the Top 100 Productivity Experts to follow on Twitter and has a global podcast downloaded in over 70 countries. Her main focus is creating business processes with actionable steps so her clients achieve more consistency, ease, and ultimate success.

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Ryan Moore

Ryan and his wife, Jennifer, created The Moore Creative Company in 1997. They established in Raleigh, NC and began with a handful of clients and worked with a range of industries from national corporations such as Lowe's, Rubbermaid, Bombardier to local companies such as local NASCAR heavyweight Hendrick Motorsports. Over the years, they have grown, moved, grown and moved again, enjoying every aspect that their website development business brings them. He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Arts: Graphic Design from East Carolina University in Greenville, NC. Several of their employees are graduates from the same program and many are Eagle Scouts. Be sure to ask him about snorkeling with sharks, that George Lucas action figure, DNN Summit LightSabers, and that tarantula in Belize.

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Shaun Walker

Shaun Walker has 25+ years professional experience in architecting and implementing enterprise software solutions for private and public organizations. Shaun is the original creator of DotNetNuke, a Web Application Framework which is one of the pioneering open source software applications native to the Microsoft platform. He was one of the original founders of DNN Corp, a commercial software company providing products, services, and technical support for DotNetNuke, which raised 3 rounds of venture capital from top tier Silicon Valley investors. Based on his significant community contributions he has been recognized as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) as well as an ASPInsider for over 10 consecutive years. He was recognized by Business In Vancouver as a leading entrepreneur in their Forty Under 40 business awards, was a founding member of the Board of Directors of the Outercurve Foundation, and is currently the Chairman of the Advisory Council for Microsoft's .NET Foundation. Shaun is currently a Technical Director and Enterprise Guildmaster at Softvision.

  • Blazor Deep Dive

Thompson Knox

Thompson Knox is a partner at SteadyRain, a longtime partner of DNN Software, a dedicated husband, an avid comic book creator and reader, a collector of the odd and unusual and, perhaps most importantly, a beleiver that every organization can be better through the effective use of well-planned and well-executed technical solutions.

  • Digitally Transform with DNN Software

TK Sheppard

TK has loved website design and development from the humble beginnings of the web. In his younger years he would use notepad and create framed websites that were organized with tables and gawdy repeating backgrounds. Things have changed a lot since then. TK enjoys keeping up with the trends and tools of today. He focuses on beautiful hand-crated website design and organized methodical theme development. After being introduced into the DNN world, he contributed to the DNN community by helping create nvQuickTheme--A dev environment/theme framework that helps developers rapidly create custom DNN themes.

  • Theming with Structured Content
  • Custom DNN Theme from Start to Finish

Tom Walters

Tom has been working with web technologies for many years across a huge number of platforms and organisations of all shapes and sizes. When he's not prototyping a web app in the next big framework you'll find him in the kitchen cooking up a storm, or at the cinema soaking up blockbuster and indie-film alike.

  • Give it a REST: React to modern tech with GraphQL and DNN

Tracy Wittenkeller

Tracy is the President & Founder T-WORX, Inc., which is well-known as one of the founding pillars of the DNN/DotNetNuke ecosystem (since 2005), provides DNN design & development services for companies around the world. Tracy is a published author and has been a speaker at many DNN and developer events. He's the creator/editor of DNN Magazine and has been using DNN since it's inception as iBuySpy Portal.

  • A First Glance Into Liquid Content

Will Strohl

Will Strohl is an author and technologist in the San Francisco area. During his career, Will has held positions ranging from Help Desk Technician to being the CEO & Co-Owner at Hotcakes Commerce ( He even spent a few years at DNN Corp where he ran the evangelism, training, and sales engineering departments. Today, Will is the founder and CEO of Upendo Ventures (, where they use technology to help your business change people's lives.

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