DNN Theme/Skin DevelopmentRegister

Audience Level:

Beginner / Intermediate


As a designer or front end developer, you will want to learn all of the best techniques for building modern, mobile-first responsive DNN Themes (a.k.a. Skins) for DNN and Evoq. This class will walk you through everything that you’ll need to know, from setting up your environment to building a custom theme based on the best tools and practices. An understanding of HTML and CSS is a requirement for those taking this class.


All day course running from 9am to 5pm, lunch will be provided.

Topics Covered:

  1. Setting up your Theming environment
  2. Design to Theme Strategy & Planning
  3. Basic Theming Concepts
  4. DNN Theme Objects
  5. Referencing JavaScript Libraries
  6. Styling the DDR Menu
  7. Styling for Content
  8. Effectively Using Containers
  9. Creating and Testing a Theme Package
  10. Questions and Answers

Anthony Overkamp - DNN Summit 2018 Theming TrainerInstructor: Anthony Overkamp


Anthony Overkamp is a St. Louis based multi-disciplinary designer, artist, and the Creative Director at Engage. Anthony has worked in the graphic and print industry since 1999 before moving to web design in 2002. Anthony has a passion for clean, adjustable design, focusing on web standards and user experience. When not at work, He enjoys spending time with friends and family, working on his log cabin, watching Star Wars, and painting.