DNN Evoq & Liquid Content IntroRegister

Audience Level:

Beginner to Intermediate


This training will focus on an Evoq overview with emphasis on the Content Manager role.


All day course running from 9am to 5pm, lunch will be provided.

Topics Covered:

Part 1 - Evoq overview and tour

Quick overview and basic tour of the admin side of Evoq and how to administer your site:

  1. Configuring your site
  2. Securing your site
  3. Building your Site
    • Managing assets
    • Managing Roles
    • Managing pages and templates
    • Creating content with microservices
    • Creating content with modules
    • The recycle bin
Part 2 - Creating Content
  1. Creating content with the HTML module
    • Add module
    • Add content to pages quickly
    • Configure modules
    • Delete modules
    • Example content
  2. Creating content with Liquid Content
    • Overview - Content Types, Visualizers and Content Items
    • Content Types
      • Creating a Content Type
      • Types of Content Type fields and their use
      • Content Type placeholders
      • Editing, duplicating and deleting a Content Types
    • Visualizer Templates
      • Creating a Visualizer template
      • Visualizer HTML template (header, body & footer)
      • Using Content Type tokens
      • Filtering and formatting Content Type tokens
      • Visualizer Script and stypesheet
      • Editing and deleting Visualizers
      • Exporting and importing Visualizers
    • Content Items
      • Creating Content Items
      • Editing, duplicating and deleting Content Items
    • Visualizer Module
      • Adding a Visualizer module to a page
      • Visualizer types
      • Visualizer templates
      • Content Items
      • Changing Visualizer settings
      • Managing content
Part 3 - Live Examples
  1. Placeholders & Filters Deep Dive

    You’ll learn how to transform your plain HTML into Visualizer templates for efficiently adding content while safeguarding your HTML structure. This section of the training will include an in-depth explanation of available placeholders and how to filter them to get exactly what you envision.

  2. Live Examples

    We’ll show you how to achieve completely different content uses with the same three content types. A “tricks and workarounds” show-and-tell is included.

    • Slider - display three Content Items in a slider format - Visualizer Type: List 
    • Tabs - display content in three tabs - Visualizer Type: List
    • Detail - display more information on the subject - Visualizer Type: Detail
Part 4 - Hands on

Try-it-yourself exercises. We’ll answer any questions you may have.

Tracy Wittenkeller - DNN Summit 2019 Development TrainerInstructors: Tracy Wittenkeller & Alessandra Davies


Tracy is the President & Founder T-WORX, Inc., which is well-known as one of the founding pillars of the DNN/DotNetNuke ecosystem (since 2005), provides DNN design & development services for companies around the world.

T-WORX works closely with DNN Corp. on many projects and is one of the leading Liquid Content development companies building solutions for Evoq Content and Evoq Engage.

Tracy is a published author and has been a speaker at many DNN and developer events. He’s the creator/editor of DNN Magazine and has been using DNN since it’s inception as iBuySpy Portal.

Alessandra Davies has a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design through the Fine Arts School of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She started working with DNN in 2007 when she lived in England and then US. Front end themes and content design and development are her strength.

Alessandra recently provided comprehensive training to the City of Las Vegas' IT Team that included DNN Theming and Evoq Administration with emphasis on Liquid Content.

DNN Diva, CSS Queen and other self proclaimed titles to envy any dragon queen out there are well deserved.