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The community is what makes DNN awesome and the community is what will make DNN Summit awesome too! That's right, if you're reading this, we encourage you to speak. All conferences need presenters and DNN Summit is no different. So, get your session abstracts submitted, and start learning how to ski.

Brian Dukes speaks at DNN Community Conference
photo credit: Oliver Hine

Call for Speakers Timeline

The Call for Speakers is now open and will end on September 16th. That gives you a month to submit your session topics on the Speaker’s page. We will work hard to make selections quickly and respond back in a timely fashion so as to provide plenty of time to make travel arrangements.

The speaker page allows for four topics to be submitted. If you have more than 4 sessions you’d like to submit, feel free to just refresh the page and submit as many as you would like. 

Why You Should Submit a Topic

When I first got involved with the DNN Community I sat in the back of the room at conferences and kept to myself. I didn't want to get too involved because I was hesitant and nervous. However, in time I got over that and started getting into the mix and I wish I had done it sooner.  I say that because the times when I've benefited and learned the most were the times when I presented on a topic. So with that in mind I'll give you a few reasons why you should submit a topic and speak at DNN Summit. 

If you speak at DNN Summit you will:

  • Learn a lot simply from teaching
  • Build your own personal brand in the DNN Community
  • Meet other people interested in the same subject
  • Build relationships with other speakers that will last beyond the conference
  • Be a speaker at the first ever DNN Summit
  • Get a speaker shirt that is sure to be awesome!

Don’t just take my word for it. Other DNN Community members feel the same way. David Poindexter of nvisionative shared his thoughts around speaking at community events.

David Poindexter


"Speaking provides a fantastic opportunity to share existing knowledge or to give you a healthy nudge to learn something new and present on it. Also, the best part of speaking at one of these community conferences is the thrill of knowing you may inspire someone else on to greatness!"

David Poindexter, CEO, nvisionative

What Topics Should You Submit?

Oftentimes people wonder or ask about what topics they should submit. The general topics at past Day of DotNetNuke's & DNNCon's have been around administration, development, theming, hosting, marketing, performance, security, business related, SEO, and even IOT (internet of things). We need all the normal topics you expect we would need plus we are looking for topics on emerging trends on the web and how they can be related to, leveraged within, and utilized in some way with DNN. We want to make all the topics great again! 

Some of the new categories of interest are:

  • Integrations
  • Client side technologies
  • Governance/standards

To drill down into those a little bit… we hope to cover the following:

  • Integrations
    • Google
    • Facebook
    • Marketo
    • Salesforce
    • and any other current technologies

  • Client Side Technologies
    • Angular JS
    • [ Insert your favorite JS framework of the week here ]
    • Typescript
    • CSS3
    • HTML5

  • Governance/Standards
    • Section 508 / WCAG compliance
    • HTML & CSS validity
    • SEO
    • PCI & HIPAA Compliance

Cassidi Peterson


"This year’s call for speakers is unique. We are looking for new blood to share their passion about emerging trends on the web. We want to broaden our reach and find content that is applicable to DNN, but relative for all web developers and businesses. Do you have a great idea? Please share it!"

Cassidi Peterson, Founder, 10 Pound Gorilla

Speaker Benefits

Being selected to speak at DNN Summit is an honor for anyone in the community. If you are selected to speak you will receive a free conference pass and get 50% off any training session that you wish to attend. You will also be featured on the DNN Summit website, you will be invited to the pre-event speaker/sponsor dinner, you will receive “Speaker swag” including a DNN Summit speaker’s shirt, and you’ll get networking/relationship building time with other speakers and DNN influencers.

While speakers receive a lot of perks, speakers will be responsible for their own travel and lodging for the event. This allows us to keep our attendee costs low and helps increase conference value and attendance.

We Look Forward To Your Submissions

DNN Summit is going to be an awesome event and we hope you are part of the awesomeness! We look forward to reading all your submissions and should you have any problem submitting sessions or if you just have questions in general feel free to reach out and contact us.

Get the process started, submit your sessions!

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