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It’s that time! DNN Summit 2019 will be held in Denver Colorado on Feb 19 - 23rd. We are happy to announce that the Call for Speakers is now open and will be open for one month. Be featured alongside some of the top talent around the web speaking at DNN Summit 2019.

Cassidi Peterson speaking at DNN Summit 2018

What We’re Looking For
All session types are welcomed! They can be technical in nature, marketing, SEO, content, or business focused too. We hope to have a well rounded conference and we need sessions of all types in order to meet the demand of attendees. The general areas of topics we're seeking are:

  • Development
  • Marketing
  • UI/UX 
  • Integration
  • DNN

If you are submitting a technical presentation it may be helpful for you to know our general areas of interest. We are placing a special emphasis on obtaining sessions in the following technical areas: 
  • DNN Development (all)
  • .NET Core
  • Client-Side (Javascript, Angular, React, etc.)
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Administration

    * Be sure to tag your submissions with focus areas! 

Thanks in Advance!
As we prepare for another awesome DNN Summit we look forward to your submissions. The DNN Community has seen a return to our open source roots and the community is energizing and activating. We look forward to seeing everyone at the conference. Thanks again for making DNN Summit 2019 a success! 

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