DNN Summit Isn’t Just For Module Developers

DNN Summit Isn’t Just For Module Developers

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Yes, DNN Summit 2020 is the place to be for DNN developers, but there is much to offer for DNN users at every level, so don’t think this event is not for you. Which one of the following fits your particular situation?

  • You inherited a DNN website during a recent career move and need to get up to speed on how to manage it and improve it. 
  • You build websites in DNN and want to see what the newest modules can offer.
  • You want to market your DNN website business better.
  • You are considering which CMS to use for your company’s website, whether DNN or another option.
  • You are already a great coder, but want to punch up your design and style skills. 
  • You want to run your DNN website business more efficiently. 
  • You use another CMS and wonder how DNN compares. 

If you see yourself in any of these profiles, then you will find what you need at DNN Summit 2020. Check out the Conference Schedule to find the specific classes that will answer your questions and REGISTER TODAY. And if you aren’t the person who makes conference-attendance decisions, forward this message on to them so they can see why it’s important for you to part of DNN Summit 2020!

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