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If you're looking to learn more about DNN the best way is to attend DNN Summit's pre-conference DNN training. We've got some of the most well known and respected subject matter experts in the DNN Community as instructors and you'll be sure to leave with tons of knowledge, tips, & tricks!

Bryan Dukes at DNN Summit

Why DNN Training

For the past 4 years conferences have begun with a day of training and DNN Summit will be no different. We have learned from the feedback from previous DNN community events, conferences, and user group meetings that DNN training is an integral part of a successful event! Online videos and blog posts can walk you through a topic, but there is just something special about the “hands-on” experience of an instructor-led course. Here’s your chance to learn in community, ask questions, and get answers from knowledgeable instructors who have worked within DNN for years.

Training Schedule & Content

DNN training starts off on Thursday the 19th with a full day of hands-on, intense learning on four separate tracks tailored to different types of users including:
  • Basic Content Editors
  • Designers
  • Administrators
  • Developers
New at DNN Summit is a half-day session titled "Intro to DNN" that is targeted to those with little to no DNN background or experience. The full day training tracks are targeted at users with basic DNN knowledge and skill levels. We aim to have content for users at all levels!

Each course will start with the basics and guide you step-by-step along the way of the class projects, content, and subject matter. Each class will feature knowledgeable instructors, classroom style presentations, as well as hands-on training interacting with real-world examples.

Meet Our Trainers!

As a potential training student it's always good to know about your instructor. With that said... meet your instructors:

Dustin Peterson – Intro to DNN

Dustin PeteresonDustin Peterson, Managing Director of 10 Pound Gorilla and Owner of Clear Graphix LLC, has always been an entrepreneur. He started his first business at the age of 14, mowing lawns. Four years later, he had 38 clients a week and money in his savings account.

A short time after studying graphic design at the University of Kansas, Dustin was introduced to DNN in 2004 and began working with it on a daily basis. Over the years, Dustin has watched the framework evolve and has worked with many third party modules and vendors in the DNN community. He strives to find creative ways to leverage DNN’s CMS, the modules and themes to increase efficiency. Dustin’s goal: to make sure clients can update and maintain their websites without many challenges.

Web admins should focus on their job,” he says. “For most, that involves adding and managing content, not designing it. It’s my job to design the site and set it up in a way that’s accessible and easy for my clients.”

If he’s not sipping on an iced tea at a local coffee shop or co-working space in Denver, you’ll find Dustin outside in the Colorado sunshine, playing soccer, mountain biking, or traveling.

More Info on Intro To DNN Training

Aderson Oliveira – DNN Administration

Aderson OliveiraAderson Oliveria actively contributes to the DNN Community leveraging his passion for instruction, training and tips for DNN.

As the Chief Editor of DNNHero (a source of online video tutorials for DNN), the manager of DeskPal (a DNN helpdesk), the creator of for advanced support, and founder of the SoloCoder hangout for individual developers and like-minded coders, Aderson clearly has advice, teaching and instruction in every ounce of his being.

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Anthony Overkamp – DNN Theme Design & Development

Anthony OverkampAnthony Overkamp is a St. Louis based multi-disciplinary designer, artist, and the Creative Director at Engage. Anthony has worked in the graphic and print industry since 1999 before moving to web design in 2002. Anthony has a passion for clean, adjustable design, focusing on web standards and user experience. When not at work, He enjoys spending time with friends and family, working on his log cabin, watching Star Wars, and painting.

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Scott Wilkinson – Intro to DNN Module Development

Scott WilkinsonScott is a DNN MVP and regular contributor to DNNHero’s training courses as well as a frequent speaker and trainer at DNN events. He is currently working as a Solution Architect for Bluebolt, a DNN Gold Partner in Chicago, IL.

In his spare time, Scott is an advocate for green technology and even performed a full, plug-in electric conversion on his old car.

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In Closing

Anyone that has been to previous DNN community conferences will tell you that training is the best way to stay on top of what is happening with DNN. As such our training courses provide the community with an excellent opportunity for classroom-style introduction to new features and elements of DNN!

We’ve all heard those words after a big event, “You should have been there!” That will certainly be the case with all of the great training, speakers, events, connections and skiing activities planned for DNN Summit!

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