Staying In Touch During DNN Summit 2020

Staying In Touch During DNN Summit 2020

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In lieu of a dedicated app this year, DNN Summit organizers plan on using Twitter with the hashtag #DNNSummit before, during and after this year’s conference for conference attendees to stay in touch.

Search for that hashtag when you’re looking for DNN Summit information in the weeks leading up to February 24, 2020 as well as while you are in attendance. That way, you can learn what to expect during DNN Summit and keep up with any changes that might crop up. 

As you are sharing your own posts, don’t forget to add to add the #DNNSummit hashtag to keep your fellow attendees in the loop. Tell us how you’re preparing for the conference and about your travels. And once you are in Orlando, FL, share photos of the people you’ve met and the sessions you’ve attended, as well as any good tips or stories.

Being active on social media not only enhances everyone’s DNN Summit experience, but gives those who couldn’t get to the conference a chance to participate virtually. (Once they see what they’re missing, they’ll have even more incentive to attend next year!) In addition to the #DNNSummit hashtag, use the #DNNCMS hashtag as well. That gives us a way to connect with the broader DNN community who may not yet be aware that we offer an annual DNN Summit.

Lastly, this website is also a great resource for information should you need it:

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