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We’ve all heard those words after a big event, “You should have been there!” That will certainly be the case with the all of the great speakers, events, connections and slopes activities planned for DNN Summit 2018!

While the speakers and sessions take center stage a day later, the heart of DNN training and instruction starts off on Tuesday, February 6th with the DNN Training Courses. DNN Summit Training is a day full of hands-on, comprehensive learning on four separate tracks tailored to different types of users including Content Editors, Designers, Developers and Administrators.

Which Training Should I Attend?
There is a training session for everyone! Our Intro to DNN is tailored to office staff, administrators and editors who may have little to no experience and need to be trained for their daily tasks of managing content and updating their websites. Our Admin and Theming training courses are tailored for users with basic skill levels and experience within DNN while our Development course is for developers with intermediate level knowledge who are looking for more technical development training.

Scott Wilkinson training at DNN Summit

Starting With the Basics
Our course instructors are seasoned instructors who keep in mind that everyone learns at different paces, starts learning from different places, and are great with people. Sessions start with the basics, and guide you through step-by-step to the end. Each class features a classroom style presentation as well as hands-on training, and interaction with real-world examples. DNN Summit also hopes to provide assistants early on in the class to help monitor and offer getting-started assistance while instructors teach as this typically helps the class flow more smoothly.

Training Helps You to Stay Current
Anyone that has been to previous DNN community conventions will tell you that training is the best way to stay current with what is happening with DNN. It is an excellent opportunity for classroom-style introduction to new features and elements of DNN 9. Our trainers are on the fringe of DNN activity and development so there’s no better way to stay current than learning from the best at DNN Summit.

See the Full Course Descriptions
One of the feedback items we received last year was that attendees wished they could have seen the full course description of the session before attending. This year we’re responding to that feedback and have created a course page for each training session so that everyone is in the loop on exactly what will happen inside of each course.

Find out more about the courses and instructors:

Why should you attend DNN Training courses at DNN Summit 2018?
Based on feedback from previous DNN community events, conventions and user group meetings, DNN Training is an integral part of a successful event! While online videos and blog posts can walk you through a topic, there is nothing to match the “hands-on” experience of an instructor-led course. Here’s the chance to ask your questions to be answered by knowledgeable instructors who have worked within DNN for years.

We hope to see you at DNN Summit 2018 Training!

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