2018 DNN Summit Sabers

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Do you remember the 2017 DNN Summit Light Sabers? Well the team at Moore Creative Company has outdone themselves yet again with the new, 2018 DNN Summit Sabers!

The Southern Fried DNN User Group has been dropping some hints in previous monthly meetings about potential sabers at this year’s DNN Summit. What we didn’t know was that there would be more and they would be even better than last year’s. Late last night Ryan Moore posted a blog on the Southern Fried DNN website detailing the 2018 DNN Summit Sabers. Be sure to check the blog out for even more pics and videos.

2018 DNN Summit Saber build

2018 DNN Summit Saber build

Per Ryan’s blog it seems that 2 of the DNN Summit Sabers are gifts and one is a prize sponsored by Moore Creative Co which will be given out at the end of DNN Summit. Looks like there will be some happy campers at the conference.

It is really impressive to see the amount of detail and craftsmanship that Ryan and the team at Moore Creative put into these. They are truly works of art. From the quality metal, to the electronic components, artwork, and etched DNN logos from past and present these are very unique swag gifts that should be long remembered in the DNN Community.

Thanks to Ryan and team for helping to make DNN Summit even more awesome. You guys rock!

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