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If you were present at last year’s DNN Summit then you probably saw the awards that were given at the end of the conference. These awards were provided by Ryan Moore and his team at Moore Creative Company. Well, this year Ryan and team are back again this year so we figured we find out more about what will happen at this year’s DNN Summit!

When describing the awards, Ryan said, "In recent community events, at the end of the day, we celebrate those that have traveled the longest distance, or simply have traveled the longest time to arrive at the DNN event. Watching the summer Olympics one summer, it clicked that I wanted to create a gold medal award for the longest distance traveler that attended our next DNN event."

This year, though, they're extending the awards into a few more categories! Let’s look at what will be awarded...

Awards Presented at DNN Summit by Moore Creative Co

DNN Travel Award
This pair is awarded to the person who has traveled the longest distance (determined by Google Maps geolocation lookup) from point of origin to Denver Colorado, and to the person who has traveled for the most consecutive hours to reach DNN Summit.

Most Portals
We've all heard about instances of DNN with 200, 400 or more portals, now's the time to recognize the person who's maintaining that system!

Most Users
Have thousands of users in a DNN Portal... maybe hundreds of thousands? This award goes out to the active website/Portal with the most users.

Oldest DNN Instance
The "Classic DNN" award goes out to the oldest instance of DNN that is being used for an active website.

Training Challenge Coins
Also, new this year, they are presenting challenge coins to the best questions and participation in the training courses.

Awards Presented at DNN Summit by Moore Creative Co

You'll have a chance to register for these awards and submit your information for review during the conference. Look for these awards to be given at the end of the day at Thursday's closing ceremony.

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