Why Your Boss Should Send You to Training at DNN Summit 2018

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If you’re not sure about whether you should attend the day of DNN Training courses, here’s a list of top benefits that you should consider. Also, if it’s hard to convince your boss or HR department that the trip is worth it, here’s a list of benefits that each company and employer should consider as they send their staff to DNN Summit and to Training!

Anthony Overkamp Training at DNN Summit

Top Reasons to Attend DNN Summit Training

  1. Become a stronger asset to your company
    Employers recognize that training and instruction improve employees’ skill, technical knowledge and ultimately confidence in doing their best. Students come away with new information, new skills and the tools they need to do their job better. Investing in the employees who make up the team is an investment in the organization and is a benefit to all.

  2. Continuing education strengthens the mind
    Continued education and training within your field of expertise helps keep you growing and thinking of new solutions… feel as though you’ve never been completely trained in your daily field of activities? Or perhaps that you need some more in-depth training with a topic or section of DNN management, skinning, or development? Training courses tackle those topics and introduce new ideas, tips and tricks.

  3. A day away from the “norm” helps you focus and recharge
    Going to training sessions are a disruption of the normal routine, and that’s a good thing! It can be hard to focus and fend off daily distractions when still in your normal office environment. By traveling to Training Courses, you are committing that time to distraction-free, focused training.

  4. Information is constantly changing, stay up to date!
    Website design, development, and trends within content management, marketing and the Internet as a whole is constantly changing. New releases such as additions within DNN 9 makes staying up-to-date all the more important!

  5. Have questions that you haven’t seen answered?
    There’s no better place for those questions to come… bring those questions to training courses and get individual answers and time spent on your topic.

  6. Instructors have “Real-World Experience” and Courses are focused on daily tasks
    Courses are taught by instructors picked from within the DNN Community of speakers, business owners, and those who are daily practitioners of DNN Awesomeness. Course outlines have been prepared to walk students through the important information for each topic, and courses are geared to be hands-on and work through real examples.

  7. Make your DNN sites better
    Regardless of how new and fresh a site was when published, it will age and need updates and new energy before long! Training courses and networking with other students and attendees is your chance to see what’s new, to encounter other perspectives and possibilities for new solutions. You’ll have a wealth of new information, tips and training, AND key business contacts to bring back from the trip!

Closing Thoughts…
For the employees who are fortunate enough to work for an employer who values these benefits and sees the importance to Training Courses at DNN Summit… we’ll see you there!

If you’re still undecided or need help with the decision, reach out to us on Twitter @DNNSummit and ask questions on the site, I’m sure we can come up with another 10 Reasons to suit your company’s needs!

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