A Guided Tour for Moderators at DNN Summit

A Guided Tour for Moderators at DNN Summit

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Are you one of our moderators? You are an integral part of making our first virtual conference a success. Thanks for volunteering.

In less than a couple minutes, I’ll show you around the place, so you’re prepared on the days of the conference.

Here’s a text description, plus you’ll find important links to your schedule and to intro slides, below.

Star by logging in to, then enter the event.

Go to your session early. You should be the 1st one there. Sessions are open 5 minutes before the scheduled start so keep a close watch on the time. 

Here’s The Schedule

First, click the Session button in the left column, then click the session you’re moderating (you should see some choices since there are upto 4 sessions per time slot).

Now that you’re in your session, click the blue [share audio and video] button, and now, you’re on stage. 

Share your screen and put up the summit intro slide. 

Here Are All The Slides

They are named by day, then group, then speaker.

Just wait on the speaker to arrive. Note the chat panel on the right. If you’re getting questions and comments, you can answer them orally since you’re on stage, or type answers in chat, or both.

The speaker is already programmed to be let in. When he or she pops up, say hi, prompt them to share their screen so the attendees see their slides or workspace. There’s a speaker video also as a blog on the summit site, and it would help if you watched that too, in case you need to lend assistance as the speaker shares their screen. Stop sharing your screen while they’re beginning to share their’s, by clicking on the screen icon at the bottom of the stage. You can stop sharing your video and mute yourself too, then unmute if you need to talk.

At the start of the session, decide if the speaker wants to be interrupted with questions, or if questions should be at the end. Just ask him or her. Also, should attendees write questions in the chat, or should they share their audio and video to ask the question themselves? If an attendee wants, they can click their share button (in the top right of the stage in their view) and then they’ll pop up in the moderator panel. Click on them to let them in. 

Once decided, You’re in charge. While the speaker is presenting, monitor the chat panel. Also, keep an eye on the moderation panel. The speaker will be busy presenting. Decide to interrupt, or answer for the speaker in the chat panel.

Also, keep track of time. The sessions are programmed to stop - cold - at their end time. Give the speaker a 2 minute warning, and at about 1 minute remaining, butt in and wrap up. Thank the attendees and the sponsors and invite people to the expo and networking.

You’re there to provide a calm, smooth experience for the attendees and the speaker. Thank you so much for your help.

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