A Guided Tour for Exhibitors at DNN Summit

A Guided Tour for Exhibitors at DNN Summit

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Do you have an expo booth at DNN Summit? First of all, thanks for making our first virtual conference a success. 

Here’s a quick video to show you around in under 2 minutes:

AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, get all your supporting files and info into us. 

  1. Provide a logo and a booth banner. They could be the same, or different.  Here’s an example of one of our sponsors. The logo is inset in the top left of the banner below. It’s 1:1 ratio. The banner is 2:1 ratio. 

  2. Provide a 1-line tag, similar to the line in the banner above.
  3. If you want a presentation running on autopilot, supply a Vimeo or YouTube URL or a link to a published Google Slideset.
  4. A paragraph about your organization (optional).

On the days of the conference, login to, then enter the event.

Next, click on the Expo button in the left column, and then on your booth banner.

If you supplied a video or a slide deck, you would see it here. If not, click the switch at the top-right of the stage to turn on presentation mode. Then, stick around and engage visitors via the chat panel on the right of the screen.

Or, you can go live, and be on camera to talk to people. Turn off presentation mode, then click the big blue button to share your audio and video.

Once you’re live, you can share your screen to show a few slides or a website.

When somebody wants to talk to you, you’ll see them popup at the bottom of the screen. click on their profile to let them in, and now you’re talking. 

They can even share their screen.

When you’re done talking, they can click the leave button. If they don’t, you can remove them by clicking the red circle in their video feed.

We hope you meet many new people at DNN Summit.

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