A Guided Tour of Speaking at DNN Summit

A Guided Tour of Speaking at DNN Summit

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Are you a speaker at DNN Summit? First, thanks for sharing your expertise with the community! I’ve made a short video to help show you what to expect.

Confirm when you’ll be speaking. Visit the speaker’s page, look yourself up, and click on your topic. You’ll see what time you’re scheduled. Times are in US Central time, GMT-6.

Chrome is the browser of choice. It gives you better options to share your screen.

Hop over to, login, enjoy other sessions while you wait.

When it’s a few minutes before your time, click the sessions button in the left column, then, click on your session. It’ll be available for you to enter 5 minutes before you’re scheduled to start.

A support staff member should be there to moderate, and will have an intro slide visible. There’s a blue [Share Audio and Video] in the top right corner. If the staff member’s not there yet, the blue button is front and center. 

Using Powerpoint for slides? Here’s a trick to show them full-screen. Prior to sharing your screen, instead of clicking on the presentation icon at the bottom right of the powerpoint workspace, click on the reader view just to the left of it. Now your slides take up the full powerpoint window. 

Planning to show a website? Open that tab in it’s own browser window.

Now your material is ready to share. Click the blue [share audio and video] button to get started. Make sure you can be seen and heard. Now, you’re on stage.

Click the share screen button at the bottom of the stage area to show your slides or website. You’ll get a menu prompt. Select Share Screen. Then a new menu appears of all the sharing choices. Click on the Application Window tab - remember this only shows in Chrome - and then select your window.  You are ready to present.

Your moderator can help you if thee are any problems. They’ll also help watch for questions in the chat.  

The session ends automatically at the prescribed time, so be aware of the time. The moderator will give you a 2 minute and 1 minute warning.

Thanks so much for speaking at our conference.

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