A Guided Tour of Attending DNN Summit

A Guided Tour of Attending DNN Summit

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Attending DNN Summit? It’s easy to do this year since it’s all online. Don Gingold here, Summit committee member as well as your guide to how to get around the virtual conference. In this very short video, we’ll cover all the important places inside the conference website. (If you’re speaking, we’ll cover those details next week.)

In a nutshell, here’s what you need to know:


First, go to Click on the big register button. The ticket’s already selected. Click checkout and follow the prompts to make yourself a user account and pay the ticket price.


On the day of the conference, head to and log in. You’ll see our event. Click and HOP IN.


The reception area always has the current schedule. Just scroll down. The schedule on the conference site just gives the blocks of time. To find out all about the speakers and the topics throughout the two days, read all that on


At 9:00 am (Central Time) on February 24, head to the stage. You’ll see our keynote panelists talk about the State of DNN.


After the keynote, attend a session. Click on the sessions button, where you’ll have a choice of topics. Click on 1 and you’re in. You should see a speaker sharing his or her screen. On the right, you’ll see a chat panel. Ask your questions there. You might be asked to voice your questions by joining in the video portion. There will be a blue button [Share Audio and Video] in the top-right corner of the presentation window. Click that, and you’re on the air! 

If by chance you arrive in session early and see a blank screen with a button to share your audio and video that means that the speaker hasn’t arrived yet, so don’t click, just hang tight. 


There’s time in between sessions, so use it to visit our sponsor booths. Click on Expo, then on a sponsor. You can video chat with the folks in the booth. If they’re not in, watch their video or slide set. if you want to know more, click the blue [Register Interest] button in the chat panel, and the sponsor will get back to you after the conference.


One of the most important parts of attending a conference is meeting new people. We do this virtually by using the networking option. It’s like speed dating. You get connected to a random person who’s also in the networking session at that same time, and you’ll have up to 3 minutes to get to know each other. When you’re done, try it again, and you’ll meet the next randomly selected attendee.


I hope you make new friends and business contacts, and that you learn a whole bunch. There are lots of good talks and very talented people that will be at the conference to share what they know. 

Next week I’ll guide you through the important points of being a speaker. 

See you at DNN Summit!

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