A Personal Invite From The President

A Personal Invite From The President

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That was your personal invitation video message from Cassidi Peterson, President of the DNN Association.

To recap what Cassidi said:

  1. This is the best year to attend. No travel expenses! 
  2. The $199 conference fee is affordable for any business.
  3. Even if you’re already busy most of the conference days, you can watch the recordings!

Don’t put it off and then miss the opportunity.

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If you’re still on the fence about the value of attending, take a look at the many topics being covered at the conference by the best and brightest speakers in the community. 

When you attended in-person conferences, you were limited.  During any given time-slot, there were 4 sessions running simultaneously.  You had to choose 1 and miss the other 3.  In an 8 time-slot conference, you could only attend 8 sessions.  Not this year!  Attend one session live and watch the recordings of the others later. 

When you attended in-person conferences, you had to be there the full time to get the most out of it.  This year, you can be busy part or all of the time, and as long as you bought a ticket, you can watch the recordings when it’s convenient for you.  This is a great benefit to our Asian and European community members who live in different time zones.

Don’t miss out! Show your support of the DNN Community. 

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