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DNN Summit 2019 will be here before you know it! Did you know that the DNN Summit awards section is growing? We are looking forward to the announcement of the DNN Website Award winners, the DNN Corp Partner of the Year award, plus our highly anticipated (and most unique and custom-crafted) Moore Creative sponsored DNN Awards. Will you be taking home an award or a custom lightsaber… you have to show up to have a shot!

The DNN Awards
If you’ve attended any recent DNN Summit event then you know about the awards given at the end of the event. These awards originated from the team at Moore Creative as a passion-project and have turned into something awesome. That is, custom DNN lightsabers and custom 3D printed travel awards.

This year will feature 5 awards in the same 3D printed fashion as the 2017 and 2018 awards. Ryan Moore will present four categories of awards for 5 total awards:

  • Long-Distance Traveler (international)
  • Long-Distance Traveler (within US)
  • Oldest DNN Instance (still verifiable running, publicly used site)
  • Largest DNN Instance (verifiable count of most portals)
  • Most DNN Users (verifiable count of most users)

Note: Information and registration for consideration for these awards will be available during morning registration.

2019 DNN Summit Lightsaber
One of the most coveted swag items/awards is the annual DNN Saber. Every year Ryan and team Moore Creative continue to raise the bar with the custom lightsabers. To get an idea of what we’re talking about check out the blog on the details and craftsmanship behind the 2017 DNN Summit saber or check out the videos and blog on the 2018 DNN Summit lightsabers!

* UPDATE: Ryan has posted an article on the SouthernFriedDNN site showcasing this year's SummitSaber!

Last year’s DNN Summit Saber was awarded to raffle-prize winner Eric Cook (pictured below) and two special versions were delivered to DNN personalities and keynote speakers with Shaun Walker receiving a DNN Legacy Saber, customized and etched with a version of the classic DNN logo and Andy Tryba of DNN Corp received the DNN Future Saber, customized and etched with the current DNN logo.

2018 DNN Summit Lightsaber winner Eric Cook

This year’s DNN Summit Saber will go to one lucky raffle winner so be sure to sign up during registration! In the meantime, get a preview of the saber by staying tuned on Twitter for #DNNSummit tags and in the pictures and videos to come on the

DNN Website Awards
DNN Website Awards LogoThis is the first year of the community-led DNN Website Awards and we’re happy to have the winners be announced at DNN Summit. The team at Foremost Media headed up this competition and the community is very appreciative! The competition had categories and will have winners in the following areas:

  • B2B
  • B2C
  • Gov/Non-Profit
  • Self Promotion
  • Service Industry

DNN Corp Partner of the Year Award
DNNCorp also plans to announce their Partner of the Year Award at DNN Summit 2019! Every year the DNN Partner Program recognizes their top partner and this year is no different. We look forward to this announcement and presentation.

In Sum
As you can see there is quite a lot to be excited about at this year’s DNN Summit! Along with the outstanding speakers and sessions the awards presented will be top-notch as well. We are looking forward to the conference, the awards, and seeing everyone in person. We hope to see you soon and maybe with a lightsaber!

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