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Since the conference spans the course of a few days let’s think about this linearly…

Day 1 - Training & Business Roundtable
If you’re attending training you’ll need to bring your laptops and power cords. Depending on your training you will be using different programs which will already be installed for you on your virtual machine. Be sure to perform system updates before you come, nothing spoils the first hour of training like having to wait for your computer to update and restart!

More info on training

For those attending the Business Roundtable a laptop is not required, but it may be good to help you take notes. This session will center mostly around dialogue. It may be helpful for you to think about the questions you want to ask beforehand to get maximum value from the session. Jot your questions and thoughts down and be ready to discuss with the group.

More info on the Business Roundtable

During all training sessions food and drinks will be provided. 

Day 2 & 3 - Conference Day
Phone ChargerOn the days of the conference people will be moving around a lot from session to session, intermingling at lunch, and connecting at the after dark event. As there will be a lot of movement during the day be sure to dress comfortably, bring something to take notes on in case you learn something interesting, and be ready to carry your conference bag (full of swag items that you’ll receive & some you’ll hopefully win) with you. Also, you’ll be given a lanyard to wear so be sure everyone will be able to see it. If you are the type of person who is constantly connected your phone battery may be low. Remember to bring your chargers and power banks with you in case you need juice to keep your devices alive and working.

During the conference food and drinks will be provided and refreshments available throughout the day (think coffee/water stations).

Days 4 & 5 - DNN On The Slopes
The slopes part of the conference is sure to be a great time! If you’re participating in the DNN on the Slopes portion of the event you’ll definitely want to bring warm clothes and winter attire. You may also want to consider bringing sun glasses and chap stick to protect your eyes and lips from the Rocky Mountain weather. 

Find out More about slopes gear and policies at the Winter Park Resort FAQ Page

Throughout the Conference
Business CardsThroughout the entire conference we hope you’ll bring a smile and don’t forget your business cards! It will be a great time to network. And we were recently made aware that consuming alcohol at higher altitudes has a stronger affect than at lower altitudes. You may want to keep this mind throughout the course of the conference!

We look forward to seeing you at DNN Summit!

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