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Want to know what’s going on at DNN Summit 2019? Well there’s no better way than to download the DNN Summit mobile app! Thanks to Andrew Hoefling (Mobile App Team Lead) and the team at Hoefling Software for working hard architecting, developing, and publish the 2019 DNN Summit mobile app. Thanks also to David Poindexter and the team at nvisionative for their consultation and contributions throughout the process.

Content That Makes For a Better Conference Experience for Attendees
This year’s app comes packed with features and functionality. Even better, it will work offline for the instances when connectivity may fail. Upon initially loading the app users will see the Day 1 & Day 2 session schedules. End-users want to quickly see who’s speaking about what topic and their location and the 2019 DNN Summit mobile app puts that content at the front and center of the experience. Conference attendees should be able to easily navigate the event and find any session they want to with the mobile app guiding their way.

Easy access to the entire event schedule, a day-by-day schedule, and info on the venue, sponsors, and more is no problem with the app. This year’s mobile app should bring DNN Summit 2019 attendees a lot of convenience right in the palm of their hands.

And the best part is that the data will be up-to-date with the website...

A Mobile App That Updates Automatically When the Website Updates
Yes, you read that right. Any changes to the website are then reflected in the mobile app. This is intentional and by design and is one of the best kept secrets about the app… well, until Andrew’s session! One of the challenges that DNN developers have faced is ensuring that their client’s mobile apps are up-to-date with their websites without any manual work involved. Using DNN, 2SXC, and Xamarin, Andrew and team have made this all possible. If you’re interested in how this works be sure to check out Andrew’s session “DNN and Mobile Apps: How to Synchronize your Content“.

Download the Mobile App on Your Device

You can download the app on the following app stores:

Google Play Apple App Store


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