DNN Website Awards to be Announced at DNN Summit

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The DNN Website Awards is a competition hosted by and run for the DNN Community. The DNN Website Awards stemmed from one of the DNN Awareness Ecosystem Advisory Group initiatives and as such is in its inaugural year.

The way the competition works is that websites are submitted, reviewed and grouped accordingly, and then the community votes on the winners. Until recently the winners were said to be announced on December 3rd.

We are excited to announce that Foremost Media, the team behind the DNN Website Awards, has agreed to announce the winners live at DNN Summit. This adds to the excitement around the conference and is yet another reason why you should join the community at DNN Summit!

I think it is accurate to say that both parties are excited to make this announcement and to work together. Announcing the winners at the conference will give more visibility and promotion to the award winners and only add energy to the conference.

DNN Website Awards screenshot

The DNN Website Awards winners will be announced on the second day of the conference at the same time as the usual awards winners are announced - the travel, portals, and users awards that you are accustomed to. We are thrilled to have this addition to the DNN Summit.

There you have it, just one more reason to attend DNN Summit!

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