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DNN Summit will be here before you know it! We are really looking forward to the conference. In case you’re on the fence about whether or not you should attend the conference this blog lays out 10 reasons why you should come to DNN Summit!

1. Training
The training offered at DNN Summit is one of the best reasons to attend! This year we have opened training up even more by adding in 2 new training offerings. We have the Admin training led by Ryan Moore and Theming training led by Anthony Overkamp that you are accustomed to. We are splitting module development training in 2 parts with Will Strohl giving the Intro to Module Development while Scott Wilkinson leading the Advanced Module Development course. The other new training addition is the Liquid Content training which is being given by Tracy Wittenkeller. As you can see there is some type of training for everyone at DNN Summit! If you need to convince your boss to let you attend DNN Summit then showing the value add of training is always a great way to persuade your boss!

2. DNN Help Lab
Have you ever gone to meetups, events, or conferences with 1 or 2 burning questions on your mind? You know those burning questions about something that is difficult to figure out or fix. If you’re the type of person that simply can’t mentally move on to something else until your questions are answered there is good news… the DNN Help Lab is there to help answer any questions you may have!

The DNN Help Lab is led by Andrew Hoefling and will have some of the brightest in the DNN Community nearby to assist. If you need help with anything related to DNN, module development, coding, and beyond then be sure to attend the DNN Help Lab!

3. Business Roundtable
Do you run a business that is built on the back of DNN? Do you ever wonder how others in the industry handle the business-side of the DNN web world? If so, the Business Round table is a FREE event that you’ll want to check out.

The Business Roundtable will be led by Thompson Knox of SteadyRain and it will be attended by all types of people in the DNN ecosystem. Typically there are some module vendors, business owners, sales reps, CEO’s, CMO’s, CTO’s, and even some DNN developers who attend the round table. This session is really interesting as the conversation is very dynamic and free flowing. You get to hear from so many varying perspectives on issues in the DNN ecosystem and debate on topics that you may or may not have known were important. We are really looking forward to this session at DNN Summit. We hope you will join and add your vantage point to the conversations!

4. Awesome Sessions
Have you seen the sessions that are listed for the upcoming DNN Summit!? There is a TON of great content in store for the DNN Community! We are excited to have so many great speakers bringing such great content to the conference. We’ve got great talks on DNN specific items, integration, development, security, marketing, and more.

It’s easy to see that any attendee will leave the conference more informed than when they arrived. It will be difficult to choose what session to attend with so many great sessions happening at the conference. We are fortunate to have so many talented speakers and content at the 2019 DNN Summit!

5. Networking
One of the best parts about attending DNN Summit is the people you meet! Getting to meet the “people behind the avatars/usernames” is always rewarding. Often times you hear comments like “It’s great to meet you in real life and thanks for all the online help you’ve given me” happening at events such as DNN Summit. There is a great value in meeting and connecting with people in the DNN ecosystem, some who you may see active online and some who you may not.

The DNN community definitely has a family feel to it and every conference is like a family reunion. Attendees will make connections at DNN Summit that may turn into lifelong friendships and/or strong business relationships. Come learn, hangout, and meet the DNN community, you will be better off because of it!

6. Swag & Awards
DNN Summit sponsors usually bring some creative swag to the conference. The sponsor section of the conference has tables that sponsors fill with unique gift items, shirts, and other creative swag. Some of the sponsor swag may end up being things you use on a daily basis! Some conference attendees collect swag items from conferences every year as collectibles. One of the most sought after swag items is the DNN Summit Light Saber. Ryan Moore is the guru behind the light sabers and every year a new, unique light saber is crafted out of love to be given away at DNN Summit.

Beyond the swag there are some annual awards that are given out at DNN Summit. Thanks again to Ryan Moore and the team at Moore Creative the annual awards have taken the shape of the longest distance traveled awards… both hours and miles, the largest DNN installs… both users and portals and more. This year we are also excited to have the Foremost Media team announce the DNN Website Awards winners on stage at DNN Summit.

7. The Slopes!
With the conference being held in Denver DNN Summit offers 2 optional days of on the slopes for the DNN Community. If you love to ski, snowboard, snow mobile, beautiful snow covered mountain scenery, and connecting with the DNN Community then the slopes portion of the conference is for you.

The conference portion ends on Friday and a bus will take slopes attendees up the mountain to Winter Park for 2 days of fun on the slopes. There will be options for tubing, apres drinks & appetizers, skiing, and snowmobiling… you can go as fast as you want to go!

Check out one of the past year’s recap videos to get a feel for the slopes portion of the event. It’s truly beautiful in the Winter Park area. We hope you’ll join us!

Come to DNN Summit!
With all that said, it’s easy to see why you should attend DNN Summit! There’s no better place to learn and connect with the DNN Community as DNN Summit. Don’t miss this opportunity… we hope to see you at the conference.

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