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Whether you are a DNN/Evoq host or a site administrator, this is your opportunity to learn, refresh or advance your knowledge of DNN/Evoq site and portal administration and system management. Each attendee will be taken through the process of installing, upgrading and deploying a DotNetNuke installation following best practices. In this “DNN Administrators 101” course, you will learn best practices for portal and site configuration and administration, and you will have the chance for hands-on application of your new skills. The training course will highlight the new features available in DNN8 and how to optimize day-to-day tasks to include performance and labor-intensive tasks.


All day course running from 9am to 5pm, lunch will be provided.

Topics Covered:

  1. New on DNN 9: 
    1. Showcase the differences between new DNN 8 and DNN 9

  2. DNN Installation & Upgrades:
    1. Overview of steps & methods/tools
    2. Troubleshooting

  3. DNN Backups
    1. Best Practices
    2. Common Options

  4. Pages:
    1. Exploring not-so-known features
    2. Best practices to keep your site tight

  5. Security: 
    1. Explore roles and user configuration in-depth
    2. The different registration modes

  6. Modules
    1. Installing a module
    2. Restricting access to certain modules
    3. Best practices

  7. Themes
    1. Installing a Theme
    2. Setting up Site/Page level
    3. Containers
    4. Best practices

  8. Templates:
    1. Creating beautiful and consistent looking sites
    2. Different levels: Module, Page, and Site
    3. Managing Templates

  9. Resource Files
    1. What they are
    2. How to work with them
    3. Customizing emails and messages
    4. Multiple languages

  10. On-Site SEO
    1. Best Practices
    2. Track your site visitors
    3. Advanced URL Management

  11. File Management
    1. Understanding DNN's file organization
    2. Admin & Host levels
    3. Files within the HTML Editor
    4. Folder Providers

  12. Admin
    1. Exploring Advanced Settings
    2. Best practices

  13. Host
    1. Rundown of the most relevant settings
    2. Configuring SSL and STMP
    3. Search Settings

  14. Performance
    1. Event Log
    2. Database Maintenance
    3. Schedule
    4. Dashboard
    5. Best Practices
    6. Tips and Tricks

Aderson Olivera of DeskPal & DNN Hero - DNN Summit 2018 Admin TrainerInstructor: Aderson Oliveira


Aderson Oliveira actively contributes to the DNN Community leveraging his passion for instruction, training and tips for DNN.

As the Chief Editor of DNNHero (a source of online video tutorials for DNN), the manager of DeskPal (a DNN helpdesk), the creator of for advanced support, and founder of the SoloCoder hangout for individual developers and like-minded coders, Aderson clearly has advice, teaching and instruction in every ounce of his being.