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Audience Level:

Intermediate to Advanced


In this “DNN Programming 101” course, we will introduce you to module development for DNN. This includes learning about the different module development techniques from standard webform modules to the newer MVC and SPA techniques in addition to professionally packaging and distributing your module for your customer or organization. We will also touch on the newest extension type for DNN 9 -- Persona Bar extensions. This is hands-on training, and we’ll provide the tools so that you can test and learn the current best practices and how to extend them to DNN 9 and beyond.

Using a hand-on approach, each attendee will be tasked with creating a fully functional module to perform data entry and reporting.


All day course running from 9am to 5pm, lunch will be provided.

Topics Covered:

  1. Basic DNN Architecture
  2. Extension Types
  3. Module Creator - "Quick and Dirty" modules
  4. Install Extensions
  5. Module Development Techniques
  6. Start a Project Using a Template
  7. MVC Module Development
  8. Module Views and Navigation
  9. Module Settings
  10. Data Access Techniques
  11. Error Handling, Debugging, and Logging
  12. SPA Module Development
  13. Buidling DNN Framework Services
  14. Ajax Services Calls from the UI
  15. Lab: Restaurant Menu Module
  16. DNN 9 Persona Bar Extension Primer
  17. Questions and Answers

Scott Wilkinson - DNN Summit 2018 Development TrainerInstructor: Scott Wilkinson


Scott is a DNN MVP and regular contributor to DNNHero’s training courses as well as a frequent speaker and trainer at DNN events. He is currently working as a Solution Architect for Bluebolt, a DNN Gold Partner in Chicago, IL.

In his spare time, Scott is an advocate for green technology and even performed a full, plug-in electric conversion on his old car.