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Each attendee will be guided through the process of managing existing content within a DNN website as well as learn how to add new pages and content to a DNN website. Additionally, students will become familiar with several common DNN core modules. By the end of the day, a new user can expect to have experience managing and maintaining a DNN site as an admin and content editor.

Training objectives will include managing and adding content to a DotNetNuke website, managing modules on a page, creating pages, creating and assigning permissions and the day to day tasks of working within DotNetNuke as a content manager.

The first half of the day is presentation of information topics and training. The second half of the day is the "DNN Open Lab" with hands-on activity and application of training topics. This hands-on work can be performed within the attendee’s own DNN website or an example site will be provided.


Full day course running from 9am to 5pm, lunch will be provided.

Topics Covered:

  1. DNN History: Brief history of DNN, CMS's, Server Environment

  2. Getting Started: The Basics
    1. Logging In and Overview of View, Edit, & Layout Mode
    2. Module Control Tools Overview
    3. Function of the Control Panel & Key Features

  3. Creating a Page: Quick and Simple
    1. How to Add a Page - The basics
    2. How to Add Module(s) - The basics
    3. How to Add HTML Content - The basics

  4. Editing Content: The Core HTML Module
    1. Working with the HTML Module and CK Editor (WYSIWYG Editor), Version History
    2. Adding Images, Document Links, Hyperlinks
    3. Working with Embed Code and Source
    4. Similarity in Working with Other Modules

  5. About  Modules: Basics & Settings
    1. Module Settings
    2. Module Containers
    3. Moving Modules to Different Pages
    4. Adding Existing Modules to Different Pages

  6. About Pages
    1. Page Settings Brief Intro
    2. Permissions and Roles Brief Intro
    3. Managing Menus
    4. Page Management
    5. Copying Pages

  7. Basic Admin Info
    1. User Administration Brief Intro - Create User Account and add to Admin Role
    2. Recycling Bin
    3. Site Settings Brief Intro

  8. Wrap Up: Introductions to DNN Corp, Store, DNN Community & Module Developers, locations for further assistance and training

Ryan Moore of Moore Creative Company - DNN Summit 2018 Intro TrainerInstructor: Ryan Moore


Ryan and his wife, Jennifer, created The Moore Creative Company in 1997. Moore Creative works with a range of industries from national corporations such as Lowe's, Rubbermaid, Bombardier to small/local companies such as local NASCAR heavyweight Hendrick Motorsports. They use DNN as their application development platform to create customized solutions for client sites. Using tools such as XMod Pro, Hotcakes, and DNN APIs to produce complex integrations with external systems and business processes, they love what they do!

Be sure to ask him about snorkeling with sharks, an award-winning George Lucas figure, or that tarantula in Belize.