DNN Summit Business Roundtable Session Info

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This year the community has a new element to expect at the conference. In the past there’s always been conference attendees saying things that follow the same common thread… remarks such as “I got a lot of value simply from conversations with others while at the conference”, “I wish there was a session dedicated to running a DNN business”, or “I wish there was just an open discussion session where anyone could ask questions related to leveraging DNN in a business”. If you were one of those people then you will be happy to see the addition of the “Business Roundtable” session at DNN Summit! 

DNN Training at DNN Summit!

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If you're looking to learn more about DNN the best way is to attend DNN Summit's pre-conference DNN training. We've got some of the most well known and respected subject matter experts in the DNN Community as instructors and you'll be sure to leave with tons of knowledge, tips, & tricks! 

DNN Summit Discussion with Aderson Oliveira of DNN Hero

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Some members of the DNN Summit Leadership Team recently had an interview with Aderson Oliveira of DNN Hero. Aderson has posted the interview to YouTube and allowed us to share around. Catch some inside scoop about DNN Summit from the crew. Will Mitchel Sellers fly his airplane to DNN Summit? You’ll have to watch the video to find out. Thanks again to Aderson and DNN Hero for having us!

DNN Summit Skiing Package Details

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There are many perks, benefits, and reasons for attending a DNN Summit. Beyond the knowledge and friendships gained there are always more reasons to attend! With this year’s Summit being held in Denver we’ve really got some nice experiences in store for summit attendees with one of them being “DNN on the Slopes”

DNNCon is Now DNN Summit

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As technologists we are accustomed to change. Change happens all around us every day. From hardware to software, to coding languages, techniques and patterns, the pace of change is rapid. At this point in time we find ourselves on the brink of more change, but this change is not so much in code or hardware, but rather in organization and identity.


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